About Us

     Unitax Financial Services is a Professional Income Tax company that provides high quality tax preparation to individuals, small businesses and corporations. We cater to our clients by offering free estimates, mobile tax services, over the phone consultations, and secured online processing.


      We have knowledgeable team members in Texas and Louisiana, who currently serve in Houston, Lake Charles, Colfax, New Orleans, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Shreveport areas. But we don’t stop there! For the clients who are not in these cities, we offer have an online Tax Application. There you can input, all of your data and upload your financial documents. Once, received you will be contacted by a Certified Tax Professional within 30 minutes. At that time we will complete your return and provide you with an estimate.


       At UNITAX Services, you are guaranteed to get the best customer service, the best prices, the maximum amount of money on your refund!


Unitax Financial Services, stands for

“Strength, Security, & Protection!”